Expert: AMA has work to do

…towards changing waste into domestic wealth

By: Chris Twum

Dredging & Weeds harvesting

An environmental expert and Chief Executive Officer of Treds Envitech Limited, Rev. Robert Nelson, has said the Accra Metropolitan Assembly’s (AMA) promise of riding the city of filth to an appreciable level, will be an exercise in futility, if the necessary measures are not put in place.

The city authority, in a recent announcement, has said it intends reducing the current 2,500 tonnes of waste generated daily, to about 500, and this, according to the expert, will remain a reverie until the body ups its game.

In an exclusive interview with The Chronicle, Rev. Robert Nelson said if the fight against filth is ever going to be won, the AMA must put in place adequate measures that will make filth generation unattractive to city dwellers, adding that so long as the population of the capital town soars, filth will continue to stay with us.

“The population of Accra continues to grow by the minute. That is the challenge we have on our hands. But there is a way out. The AMA can help a great deal, if they put in place measures such as bringing persons who indiscriminately generate filth to book with stiffer punishments,” he said.

The environmental expert also raised the alarm on the current fees being paid for refuse collection, adding that what the Ghanaian public was paying now, was woefully unrealistic and doesn’t speak well of a country in dire need of a workable solution to curb the menace.

“I think we are not paying realistic fees for waste generated in our various homes. This is a sad truth which we must contend with. We can’t continue to be charging those paltry sums of money for waste generation, and hope that the fight will be won,” he cautioned.

An astute and well-vexed waste management expert by industry standards, Rev. Robert Nelson’s company, Treds Envitech, specialises in domestic and industrial pest control, solid and liquid waste management, dredging and weeds harvesting, and sanitary products among other services.

Treds Envitech is one of the fastest growing waste management companies, with a strong customer presence in the oil and mining sector.

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