EMS Struggles To Beat Deadlines

By Sebastian R. Freiku

The Expedited Mail Service (EMS) which provides express mail service is offered by the administration of the Universal Postal Union. In Ghana, EMS, as an internal courier network, is operated by the Ghana Post Company Limited to provide quick physical door-to-door service.

Since April 10, 1990, when EMS was launched in Ghana, it has claimed its slogan is “Your lifeline to your deadline”, and believes it is its guiding principle for the delivery of urgent business documents.

The corporate mission of EMS is to provide the best courier service and increase both local and foreign market share for profit. It has a vision of being recognised as the first choice courier service.

Unfortunately, after 23 years of operations in the country, service delivery is but poor and far from improved. Its claim to a lifeline is botched. Beating deadlines by the EMS, as a core mandate, is now a difficult task.

It is actually a headache to its management, and only a miracle would enable the EMS to deliver within 24 hours in the same city. I am still wondering why an ordinary legal document from my office to the headquarters in Accra took one whole week to be delivered.

On May 5, 2015, a letter dispatched through the Asafo Post Office in Kumasi, per the EMS at 11.50 a.m. to Tesano in Accra, was delivered on May 11, 2015, before noon. Another educational material (transcript) posted at 11.45 a.m. via EMS at the same office to the Akatsi North District Assembly at Ave Dakpa in the Volta Region, was  received at 9.15 a.m. on May 15, 2015, a period of 10 clear days.

Let me state here that the courier address and contacts were adequately provided as required. In both cases, the question of urgency was defeated by the delay in the delivery. The EMS, in my view, is simply no longer a lifeline to a deadline, and, therefore, neither quick nor fast and reliable, as it claims to be.

Perhaps, anytime the need arises for me to dispatch an urgent business document, a more reliable courier network, say, VIP Courier Service will have to be considered to achieve results.

What must account for the poor performance of the company whose officials are supposed to be friendly to ensure reliability and fast delivery?  Could it be that the staff are not committed or not motivated enough to deliver on their mandate, or the company lacks the requisite logistics?

Whatever the reasons could be, management must wake from its slumber and realise that EMS is losing public trust, and, therefore, must do the right thing to be loyal enough to maintain integrity by adhering to the highest ethical standards of honesty and transparency. I believe the competitors in Fedex Ghana, DHL, and the rest are watching.

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