EC to organise elections in disputed electoral area in Doba

By William N-lanjerborr Jalulah

Mr. David Adeenze Kanga, a Commissioner of EC

The plea of the people of a disputed electoral area, in Doba in the Kassena-Nankana East District of the Upper East Region, to the Electoral Commission (EC) to quickly resolve the issue that disenfranchised them during the district level elections last year, was being given the necessary attention by the commission, according to the Regional Director, Mr. Bruce Ayisi.

According to Mr. Ayisi, the controversy over the electoral area would be resolved this month to allow the people cast their ballots.

Last December, residents from Atosale and Azaasi in Doba came out to vote, but the EC did not come on with the election.

When Mr. Ayisi was contacted, he said the commission had suspended the election in the area due to a pending dispute over the naming of the electoral area.

He gave the assurance that the issue would be addressed as soon as practicable, to pave way for elections in that area.

Touching on the turnout in Thursday’s polls, the EC Director said contrary to fears that the turnout could be low, it was generally okay.

Elections in the Bawku Municipality, Garu-Tempane and Bawku West districts were postponed to last week Friday, due to the Samapiid festival, which was climaxed by the chief and people of Bawku on Thursday.

Mr. David Adeenze Kanga, a Commissioner of the EC, who was in the region, admitted that there were some areas where the elections could not take place due to some technical challenges, but was quick to add that people in those areas would be voting this month.

On the disputed electoral area in Doba, Mr. Kanga said the commission would involve the chiefs, opinion leaders, and the Local Government and Rural Development Ministry to resolve the dispute, for the elections to take place.

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