Double jeopardy for Ho residents … After dual carriageway hoax, Ho Market stores are also being shared among NDC loyalist


From Samuel Agbewode, Ho…    

After deceiving the people of Ho with a dual carriage way which never materialised, and now with the construction of a modern market, which, even though has been started and is yet to be completed, government officials are still not ashamed of themselves, and rather want to rip-off the very people who have given them their support over the years.the-proposed-ho-dual-carriage-way-which-never-materialised

All the roads leading to Ho, the regional capital, have been in a deplorable state for years, but nothing was done by the outgoing National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration to repair them.

The road from Asikuma Junction to Ho looks like a village road. It was, therefore, not surprising that the Attorney General of Russia had an accident on that portion of the road, and had to be flown out of the country in a helicopter ambulance to seek further treatment in his home country.

Following a series of protests by the Ho residents, the outgoing government pretended to be turning the road from Sokode-Ho into a dual carriageway, but it turned out to be a hoax.

Only one earth moving machine was brought to execute such a huge project, which kept on breaking down until it was finally moved from the site. Because of the excavation work done on the portions of the road, it has now become a death trap.

This, among others, infuriated the people of Ho and other parts of the Volta Region to turn their back to the ruling party in the just-ended elections, but, instead of soothing the pains of the people with the aim of wooing them back, party officials are rather rubbing salt into injury.

Party and government officials, according to the Ho Market Women Association, are scrambling for stores in the new market, which is gradually becoming a white elephant.ho-central-market

According to the market women, stores in the yet-to-be completed market have already been allocated to assembly members, nurses, and government officials who do not qualify for them.

Addressing a news conference at Ho, the Market Queen, Madam Dagbey Mansah, said, under t normal circumstances, the authorities should have sat down with them upon the completion of the project, to determine how the stores should be allocated.

She regretted that this is not what is going on, as the Ho Municipal Assembly had unilaterally allocated the stores, and ignored women who were legitimately entitled to them.

According to Madam Mansah, when she went to the assembly to question the basis for the sharing of the uncompleted stores, one of the staff arrogantly told her to keep quiet.madam-fafa-adinyira-ho-municipal-chief-executive

The Market Queen further told the journalists that they had 7,000 registered members, but the stores in the market are only 268, the huge deficit, she noted, was already a big problem, but the outgoing government officials are not concerned about that, but rather want to take advantage to share the stores among themselves.

She promised to organise her members to pour onto the streets to protest against the decision of the assembly.

She recalled that stalls built in the market during Kufuor’s administration were shared after due consultation with the market women, but NDC, having realised that it was leaving power, had deviated from this convention.

Madam Dagbey also expressed concern over the collection of GH¢500 before a store is allocated, when the same people had told them that the whole project was being financed by the French government.

She, therefore, appealed to the Ho Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Mrs. Fafa Adinyirah, to ensure that the monies collected from people are returned to them.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Adinyirah has refuted all the allegations raised by the market women, stressing that the decision to share the market stores was a collectively one taken by the Assembly, and not her as the MCE.

Mrs. Adinyirah explained that somewhere in May 2016, the Ho market leadership brought a tall list of those market women who deserved to occupy the new stores, and based on that list, the allocation of the stores started.

The Ho MCE stressed that the Assembly would not engage in any activity without the due consultation with the market women leadership, and that she did not understand why the same market women, who sent the list to her outfit, would turn round to say that those on their list were teachers, nurses and assembly members.


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