Dealing with the Kombian factor

Johnson Kombian

Johnson Kombian is an enigma. Even when he was finally nailed by the law and sentenced to six years in prison, the repercussions of his jail break, and alleged murder of two prison officers, would not go away.

As the notorious criminal was being led away, two men were arrested on suspicion of casting a spell on the security officers marching him away for allegedly causing the handcuffs on Kombian’s hands to break loose. The two men were picked up, and are said to be in custody.

The Chronicle is unable to settle on the kind of charge the police intend to prefer against the two persons. Juju or voodoo is yet to be recognised by the laws of Ghana.

While the police grapple with what to do with the suspected voodoo or juju men, it has emerged that a 30 year-old person was arrested at Nakpanduri last October. Ali Bukari alleged that he was manhandled by the police, who thought they were dealing with the deadly criminal, Johnson Kombian.

Bukari has petitioned the Inspector General of Police, alleging abuse of human rights by the men in the black uniform. We believe it is a test case for the top hierarchy of the Police Service.

We are also of the view that Bukari could petition the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) to investigate the matter, and pronounce reliefs for him.

The Chronicle is not amused by the tendency of the police to manhandle suspects. As the law states clearly, until pronounced guilty in a court of competent jurisdiction, any person, and that includes the most hardened criminal, is innocent of the charges preferred against him or her.

In any case, the police are not encouraged by our laws to manhandle anybody. We urge Bukari to seek reliefs, if any, at CHRAJ. In the meantime, we are ill at ease with the arrest of the two men suspected to be friends of Kombian.

The laws of the land have no place for voodoo. Let the police not attempt to create their own laws. Rather than continuing to keep the two people, the police would do well to assemble all the necessary evidence to put Kombian before court once more; this time, for the murder of their two colleagues.

The whole of Ghana is willing the men in the black uniform on to seek justice on behalf of their colleagues who fell at the brutal hands of one of the most notorious criminals Ghana has had the misfortune of breeding.

We do not believe holding the so-called juju men would be of any benefit to the state.

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