Deadly Than Ebola

Muna-Obiekwe-A lot of concentration has been on Ebola, cholera and other diseases, but often times we forget that there are a lot of killer diseases. When issues are raised on certain diseases, all the attention is being geared towards that particular disease.

A typical example is the recent deadly disease, Ebola. We all made a fuss about it and almost everyone was keen on it; even a twelve (12) year old can tell the causes, symptoms and preventions of Ebola.

Almost every day in the news, there is a story on it. Great thanks to God, Ghana was exempted from such disease.  HIV/AIDS also had its own share. We hyped it to the extent that, more caution was on it. So many diseases have been popping up and fade away, but how much concentration or awareness has been given to kidney failure or kidney cancer disease?

Kidney disease has always been one of the deadly diseases in the world. I say it’s deadly than Ebola because; all the attention has been drifted to it and measures have been put to curb it.  But what we don’t know is killing us slowly. If the same attention given to Ebola is done for kidney diseases, many lives would not have been lost.

One of the famous Nollywood actor, Muna, was a renal patients. People die from kidney cancer without knowing. A visit to Korle- Bu Renal dialysis Unit recorded that, there are new cases on kidney cancer patients almost every week. I asked myself, if they had a fair idea about it or a little knowledge about it, their lives would not be depended on dialysis.

I also had a very close relative who was a renal patient. No matter the number of years you are on dialysis, it cannot sustain you forever.
Dialysis is quite expensive. Some stop because they cannot afford, while others do because they have undergone transplant. This disease can affect both the young and old.

No matter how educated we are, it will surprise you to know that some are not aware of such disease while others don’t know much about it. Kidney cancer or renal failure is real and deadly. The earlier we know about it, the easier we prevent it.

Josephine Araba Aidoo

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