Danger at Mantse Tackie Cluster of Schools

…as school compound is submerged in water

By Naa Betty Mingle & Dora Asare

The Accra File has come across a serious situation, where the compound of the Mantse Tackie Liberty Avenue Cluster of Schools, at Adabraka, a suburb of Accra, has been submerged in water.

This file visited the school last Friday, and found that the entire compound of the school was filled with stagnant water.

In an attempt to speak to some of the authorities of the schools, Mr. D. A. Nkansah, one of the headmasters, who would not talk much, only said that the situation had been so for quite some time, and that they had no idea where it was coming from.

He further said that some banks located near the school had promised to assist in solving the problem, yet as at the time of the visit by the Accra File nothing had come out of the pledge.

But, the Circuit Supervisor of the school told the file that the situation becomes worse during the rainy season.

He said, “I am very sure the water is coming from under the ground, not a reservoir, or from our urinals.”

According to him, the situation was causing inconveniences to activities in the school, and due to that they cannot hold morning assembly, and do not have extracurricular activities and games on the compound.

“The compound stinks a lot, because the water is stagnant for weeks and months, ad generates fungus.”

While the File was at the school, it also observed that the children could not play in the compound, and that those bold or careless enough to do that fell into the stinking water.
Another area of concern he raised was the absence of zebra crossing on the road by the school, which was posing a danger to the children who often have to cross the road on their way to and from school.

“When the children are on break, they cross the road to buy food along the road, which is very dangerous, since the road is very busy. There is no zebra crossing on some parts of the road to allow the children cross safely,” he said.

He narrated an incident where a one of the children was knocked down by a vehicle the day the file visited the school.

He therefore urged the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) to intervene in the situation, since it was getting out of hand.

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