CORRECTION…..Pod-Borer disease destroys cowpeas … Farmers express worry

By Edmond Gyebi.
The Chronicle wishes to correct a wrong impression created in an earlier publication under the above headline.
The said report suggested that some farmers in the Northern Sector of Ghana have been supplied with some of the Pod-borer Resistant Cowpea seeds, which is a new variety of cowpea seed that resists attacks from pests, and is still being investigated by scientists in Ghana, Nigeria, and Burkina Faso.
But our information now indicates that under the PBR cowpea project, supported by AATF, the PBR cowpea is solely at the research stage and being handled under confined Field trial basis, where access to the field is strictly monitored.
No PBR cowpea seed has been given out to the public for planting.
Farmers who were present at the field visit at Nyankpala recently showed a lot of interest in the seed, and requested that the seeds be made available to them as soon as possible, so they can also enjoy its benefits.

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