Christmas give away gifts ideas!

By: Jacquline Afua  Bondzi

Christmas is a time for giving and sharing. It is also a time when you will be “cracking” your brains on searching for the “perfect” Christmas gifts.

Christmas shopping can be daunting task. Hence your train driver decided to share with you tips and Christmas gift idea to help you shop these holidays.

The quest is to help you answer questions such as: What is the top Christmas gift this year? What are the top toys for Christmas 2010? Where can I get personalised Christmas gifts?

This season is all about finding the right gift for the perfect person whiles bearing in mind the recession economy? Although you want to give generously at Christmas, yet in a recession economy, spending too much money on expensive Christmas gifts is just not wise.

Christmas gifts do not need to be expensive, however, to be meaningful. Here are ways to give gifts that will please.

Follow the old saying “It’s the thought that counts.” In times of economic instability, the gift you give doesn’t have to be the height of luxury. It just has to be thoughtful and aimed at the person you’re giving to.

Secondly, consider each member of your family and all your friends. Rather than ask, “What does my cousin most want?” ask, “What makes my cousin happy?” Asking the question this way opens up a lot of new possibilities for Christmas gifts.

You can give the gift of food. Most people have a favorite food that is not too expensive. If the recession economy prohibits your spending lots of money on that luxury box of chocolates, then get together some less expensive chocolates and pop them in a gift bag.

Remember you can re-gift. It’s not tacky anymore. It’s green. What better way to help the environment and recycle than giving a gift you received once and can’t use, to someone who can?

That’s the key–give the re-gifted gift to someone who will appreciate it. Or, if you’re on humorous terms with someone, give it as a white elephant and start a family tradition.

Finally, give the gift of photos of family, pets, vacations, and memories, photos are always personal and meaningful during an economic crisis.

Make them into greeting cards. Put them in an album, you can find cheap albums or memory books at Melcom or any other mall.

Or simply put them in a fancy envelope and write funny comments on the back of the photos. This will mean a lot to the recipients. And digital photos can be developed cheaply. Hope you put these tips to good use!

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