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A Debate: Plato versus R. Virchow

The Author, Dr. Kofi Dankyi Beeko. MD. [email protected] There is a programme on Metro TV which doesn’t need any introduction in our Republic.  The time the programme, “Good Morning Ghana”, is screened doesn’t suit many a worker, except those who may be “privileged” to have television sets in their offices. Surprisingly, quite a chunk of […]

SADA’s Woes Aren’t An Indictment Of The North

Alhassan Andani

I must grudgingly acknowledge the obvious: Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) is in a tailspin. The revelation that the agency is embroiled in financial mismanagement has cast a pall over its tattered reputation. SADA’s downward spiral must, nonetheless, be halted before the huge thud that could reverberate beyond the confines of its headquarters in Tamale?

If I Were Alan Kyeremanten… – Edem Suleman

Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen

It was expected by many, both within the NPP and outside the NPP, that Alan Kyeremanten would contest the presidential primaries of the largest opposition in the country. Never mind the fact that he lost the last two presidential primaries to the most popular candidate in the NPP at the moment, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo; […]

Jobs, Power And Partnerships In The UN Post 2015 Dev’t Agenda

Tony O. Elumelu

By Tony O. Elumelu In 2000, the United Nations made the historic announcement of eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). They were very specific and had a timeline of 15 years for delivery. Progress on most of the goals has been encouraging but as we look towards the next round of development goals, we must recognize […]

Shifting Of African Economy


Since the past five days South Africa is no longer Africa’s biggest economy, Nigeria is!  It all started on April 5th, 2014, and everybody is optimistic that Nigeria, as  a big African nation by size and population, is soon going to come by the élan that “The Emirates” and “Saudi Arabia” enjoy, because of money […]

Analysis: Ghana’s Oil Exploration Quagmire

BY Hakeem Adamu Tahiru As Ghana strives harder to escape the quagmire of oil curse which is the vile menace of oil and gas producing countries in third world countries across the globe, there are already looming signals that Ghana is virtually losing its gravity and battles to the foreign partners in her oil and […]

EPA: Can We Fight The West?

By I. K. Gyasi The Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) being forced down our unwilling throats is one more reminder that the West has not stopped, and will never stop, robbing us of our resources. In their book, AID: RHETHORIC AND REALITY, and published by Pluto Press in 1985, Teresa Hayter and Catherine Whatson write as […]

Why Akufo-Addo’s Declaration Sends Shivers


  By Kwesi Atta-Krufi Hayford “The message from NPP members was along the lines: “You, Nana Addo, remain our best chance for 2016; Ghanaians are telling us we should bring you back.”

Afe Yi Dze M’Abre! Haba! We Can’t Fight Corruption With “Equalization”


Papa Kwesi Nduom As we Ghanaians nurse wounds created by a high cost of living, unreliable water and electricity, poor sanitation, low quality of education and a currency that is still losing strength, we must return again and again to the omniscient problem of corruption.

When Do We Lead Best?


Ghanaians, irrespective of where they stand ideologically, would agree, they recently woke up to the “return-home” of a politician, whose protracted absence from his home to sojourn overseas, had as many interpretations as the man is  said to be old.

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