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Stop This Mass Transfer!

Dr. Callistus Mahama

    Dear Editor, kindly permit me space to draw attention to an important issue. The new Head of the Local Government Service, Dr. Callistus Mahama, has embarked on a massive nationwide transfer of over 400 senior officers of the service in the administrative, planning, budget and agriculture classes. These transfers would have serious implications […]

Re-Examine BECE Re-Sit Policy

Prof Naana Opoku Agyemang

It is not by chance or mistake that countries located within the global northern hemisphere and that of the Asiatic regions continue to chalk successes in all sphere of endeavours. Talk about industry, business, environmental issues, health, but more specifically, education. Such feats have become a reality due to the incontrovertible fact that these jurisdictions […]

Unconstitutional Gimmick

John Mahama

  The President claims he has cut his salary as well as that of his ministers by 10%. Setting aside the issue of the materiality of such a cut, the President would do well to study and understand the limits of his power. He has no power to cut (or increase) his salary. Nor does […]

Mr. President, Stop The Destruction Of Achimota Forest!

achimota forest

    Dear Mr. President, please nip this Achimota Forest development plot being hatched by some people in your Administration in the bud.  This Forest must remain a forest.  If anything at all, we must revert some of the area currently being used for all manner of religious and other semi-permanent human activities to its […]

Police Should Not Use Uniforms During Off-Duty Periods

Nana Alex Asabre

    The Ghana Police Service, headed by the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Alhassan deserves commendation for the introduction of a new tag system recently. The new tag intends to instill professionalism in the police service, which will indeed help redeem the fast fading image of the police. This milestone chalked by […]

Let The Nation Benefit From These Seized Goods

Geroge Blankson, Ghana Revenue Authority

    I wish to congratulate the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority for the eagle-eyed effort they have been applying in their operations, resulting in the arrest of many smugglers and law breakers along our borders. Customs is actually doing a great service to Mother Ghana, and I wish they will continue like […]

Harassment Of Foreigners At KIA


  Dear Sir/Madam, I hope this message finds you well. My name is Ankur Mahajan, a resident of Montreal, Canada,  who worked as a volunteer for VSO in Walewale, Northern Ghana, from Aug 12 to 13, as a Development Advisor. On 30th of July, I took a return flight from Accra to Stockholm, Sweden, with […]

Drawing The Best From National Service In Ghana: Issues For A Rethink

  Since the establishment of the National Service Scheme in 1973, which now operates under Act 426 (of 1980), graduates from tertiary institutions are posted to various organizations to spend a mandatory one year of service to the nation. What, however, bedevils the relevance of the National Service programme is the desire of almost the […]

Light Triumphs Over Darkness – In Honor Of Mr. Martin Amidu (Citizen Vigilante)

  Many have eloquently espoused on the need to abate the rate at which corruption in our society is spreading like a malignant tumour, however, not many have been able to take-up the challenge by mustering the courage to ensure justice is served on corrupt individuals or activities- our porous system has far been abused […]

A Threatened Writer Pleads For Mercy

  Since 2006, following the publication of the two books entitled (i) The Cursed Heritage of Africa Traditional Religions and (ii) Why Traditional religious practices should be seen as satanic and devilish mechanisms,’ my life and that of my family have been subjected into constant threats by some unidentified practitioners of the Africa traditional religion. […]

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