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The Chinese invasion

Director of Ghana Immigration Service - Elizabeth Adjei

The government of China has been very supportive to Ghana in terms of loans, grants and other forms of help. But I now believe the old Twi proverb, which in its direct translation says, “When someone gives you help, then you owe him or her,” thus “se obi ye wo papa waha wo”, and that […]

Say No To Breast Cancer

 Breast cancer, one of the world’s deadly diseases that mostly affect women, has, of late, become the toughest obstacle facing women in Saharan Africa, of which Ghana is no exception. The most common type of breast cancer is ductal cancer cinoma, which begins in the lining of the milk duct (thin tubes that carry milk […]

Help Eradicate Maternal Mortality

  Maternal mortality, among many other misfortunes in Ghana, has claimed the lives of many mothers. The Millennium Development Goal (MDG4) aims at reducing maternal mortality by half by the end of 2015, yet in a lot of the rural communities, and even urban centers, the lives of mothers are still being lost. . According […]

Voodoo, Juju Politics Must Stop!


I WANT to take this opportunity to sound a word of caution to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government and its agents against the practice of voodoo against its perceived enemies.

I Am Aware Of The Plots Against Me; Yet I’m Resolute- Chairman Wontumi


In the early part 2012, I received an anonymous call from a personality who claims to work in the National Security outfit of the NDC government, threatening to destroy me and my company if I did stop showing support to the course of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Let’s Build A Culture Of Consensus For National Development

Dr. Kwabena Opuni Frimpong

It is already fifty seven (57) years since we gained political independence from British Colonial rule as Ghanaians. Our independence ushered us into a new era of political sovereignty and gave us a platform to create the Ghana we want. Since gaining political independence, we have been working very hard as a people to achieve […]

Shameful Somanya Roads

Amin Suleimana

  Roads in the township of Somanya, the Municipal capital of Yilo Krobo, in the Eastern Region, are in a very sorry state. Man holes (not pot holes) are seen on almost all the roads in the Municipal capital. The road leading to the Mount Mary College of Education for instance, has become a death […]


  A chunk of Africa is gone. The icy clutches of death has done the inevitable. A whole continent left fatherless; Whence come the replacement.   In the closet and in the open, Eyes of the young and old are crimson sore. There is none to turn; Whence come the replacement. The African tear duct […]

Open Letter To Dzifa Attivor

Dzifa Attivor

  The priorities of the Ministry of Transport are surely not those needed for Ghana. A recent news article report of plans for a private-public partnership to set up a national airline, at the time a Ghana Airways plane had been turned into a restaurant.  (Ghana Airways DC10 now a restaurant Daily Graphic 2013-11-10). There […]

Hail Parliamentarians On Plant Breeders Bill

Edward Doe Adjaho

Members of Parliament should be praised by citizens of this country, most importantly farmers, for attempts to pass the Plant Breeders Right/Bill, which has reached the second consideration stage in Parliament. This bill, if passed, will serve as a strong solution to most of the unpleasant problems our farmers are bedeviled with, including a boost […]

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