Bongo DCE accused of supporting assembly candidates

…Ahead of district assembly elections

By William N-lanjerborr Jalulah

Mr. Joseph Yieleh Chireh - Minister of Local Government & Rural Development

THE DISTRICT Chief Executive (DCE) for Bongo in the Upper East Region, Mr. Clement Akrugu Tia has been accused of openly supporting his preferred candidates in the upcoming district level elections.

The former School Feeding Programme (SFP) Monitoring and Evaluation officer in the Upper East Region, Mr. Solomon Latif and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) constituency Chairman for Bongo, who is a candidate in the Asawiabisi Electoral Area, Mr. Ayinbisa Peter, claim the DCE is sponsoring his preferred candidates.

Speaking in an interview at Bolgatanga, the two alleged that Mr. Akrugu Tia has been threatening the electorate in some electoral areas that if they did not vote for his candidates, no government interventions and programmes would come to them.

According to Mr. Ayinbisa, the DCE has put in a candidate, Mr. Avenga Maxwell, in his electoral area and is financing and doing virtually everything for him to ensure that he wins the seat.

He mentioned some of the areas the DCE had visited with his campaign team are Amanga, Balungu, Dua, Gamborga, Namoo, Segabisi and Nayopigna, where in most cases he used a public address system to address the electorate.

Mr. Ayinbisa contended that Amanga was the last place the DCE visited last Saturday, where he was nearly lynched in one of the communities, including some NDC sympathizers, because he had deceived them by not bringing development to the area.

According to the accusers of the DCE, he wants to get some people out of the assembly, because they are a threat to him whenever it comes to decision taking at the assembly, and that he wants only those he can manipulate for his unbridled gains.

He cited the sister city relationship programme, which the DCE wanted to bulldoze his way to gain approval for the international trip.

Mr. Ayinbisa, who is also the Assistant Bursar at the Gowrie Senior and Technical school, also accused the DCE of printing posters for his preferred candidates, especially Mr. Avenga, who he claimed he employed as a pupil’s teacher. He said he is ready to debate the DCE on the issue on any platform to prove the accusations. “I am surprise
However, the DCE has claimed his innocence of the allegations, saying “when I visit any community, I explain government policies to them and remind them of the upcoming district level election, and the need to choose people who can represent them and their voices in the assembly, so that they can get development projects.”

On the allegation that he has printed posters for Maxwell, the DCE said he has not even seen any poster of the candidate, let only printing them for him.

Mr. Tia said he sees it as absolutely nonsense on the part of Mr. Ayinbisa to challenge him for a debate on the issue, because his accuser is the NPP chairman and is among those who have being heckling him in the assembly.

The DCE also told this reporter that in 2006, Mr. Ayinbisa was among those who accompanied the then DCE for Bongo, Mr. Francis Asampana to campaign openly for specific candidates.

Turning his gun on Mr. Latif, the DCE alleged that the former SFP Coordinator was keeping some assembly cooking utensils, which he would soon expose.
He said it was rather Latif and his NPP stalwarts in the district who were campaigning for their candidates, and not him.
But Mr. Latif has denied keeping any assembly cooking utensils and has challenged the DCE to come out with facts.

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