Bentsi-LBC builds office complex

By Alfred Adams

The office complex built by the Bentsi LBC

THE seven-member Shama-Bentsi Landing Beach Committee (LBC) has made good use of proceeds from the sale of the premix-fuel to the benefit of the entire community.

This has seen the LBC build a GH¢19,000.00 office complex to house its officials.

The office, which was designed and built by the community, has an office for the Chairman and Secretary.

This is the first time since the formation of the Shama Bentsi LBC that it has accounted for its stewardship in the way of a physical project.

The LBCs were formed at every coastal community in September last year, to put the sale of the premix fuel in the hands of fishermen to manage.

As a result, the Chief Fisherman of every coastal community automatically qualifies to chair the LBC by virtue of his position.

By computations of the sale of the premix fuel, 53% of the proceeds shall be rested in the account of the LBC for developmental projects in host communities, 12% for the Chairman, 10% for the Secretary, and the remaining 18% to be shared among the other executives.

Unveiling the GH¢19,000.00 office complex at a colourful ceremony, the Chairman of the Shama Bentsi LBC, Nana Kwesi Efirimu IV, told the ceremony that the LBC, since its formation, had been able to accrue a total of GH¢20,000 in it bank account.

He pointed out unlike the previous situations where government officials could just demand proceeds of the sale of premix, the situation was absolutely different now, as the sale of the commodity has now been put into the hands of the committee.

What this means, according to the LBC Chairman, was that the committee now decides what to use the proceeds of the sale of the commodity for, and not political heads.

He thanked the government for caring about fishermen by way of handing the sale of premix fuel to them.

The Deputy Western Regional Minister, Madam Betty Bosomtwi-Sam, who commissioned the office, expressed the hope that it would be a stepping stone in what the LBC would do to help in the development of the Shama Bentsi community.

Present at the ceremony was the District Chief Executive for Shama, Madam Emelia Arthur, who appealed to the committee to hold on to their transparent manner of rendering accounts.

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