Be wary of NPP antics

…NDC Youth Organiser tells supporters

From Issah Alhassan, Kumasi

Ludwig Hlodze, NDC Youth Organiser

YOUTH ACTIVISTS of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) have been advised not to fall victim to the political antics of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), which are aimed at thwarting the efforts of President Mills from achieving the ‘Better Ghana’ agenda.

The Deputy National Organiser, James Kofi Fornoo, who gave the advice during a meeting with footsoldiers of the party in Kumasi last Saturday, said since the NPP was bent on seeing the downfall of the government, it had resorted to dirty campaigns such as inciting the government against the youth, in order to divide the rank and file of the party’s support base.

The NDC Organiser cited, for instance, the call by some leading members of the opposition for the government to treat the former president fairly, when they were the very people who denigrated the ex-President during the 2008 campaign.

Mr. Fornoo said he doubted the true motive behind the sudden sympathetic attitude being showed to the former president Rawlings by some leading members of the opposition New Patriotic Party, describing it as a prank, and sheer political hypocrisy.

He said the position of the some of the leading members was nothing, but a practical joke, and a clear case of insincere politics, which the NPP is well known for.

James Kofi Fornoo stated that the NPP had no right to talk about the NDC and ex-President Rawlings, because they were the same people who vilified the former president, and described him as the devil incarnate during his reign.

“Now, is it surprising that some NPP members are claiming to be sympathising with the Rawlingses; are they not the same people who said Mr. Rawlings would be a shadow president when NDC comes to power?” he questioned.

The Deputy Youth Organiser therefore, urged youth activists of the NDC to be cautious of the opposition NPP’s dirty machinations, which are aimed at bringing about the downfall of the government.

He said by claiming to be sympathising with the former president and his family, the NPP was seeking to create a rift between the government and the former first family, in order to take undue advantage of the situation, to enhance its electoral fortunes.

Fornoo also added that it was a deliberate attempt by the NPP to frustrate the government and direct its focus from the ‘Better Ghana’ agenda, which he said, was already yielding positive results.

He therefore, charged NDC footsoldiers to exercise restraint, while the party and the government take major steps to address all their grievances.
Fornoo predicted that the problem of lack of jobs, which many footsoldiers of the party had been agitating about, would be solved by 2011, because the government was planning to factor it into next year’s budget, and make adequate provision for them.

The Deputy National Propaganda Secretary, Solomon Yaw Nkansah, also chastised the former National Coordinator of the National Youth Council (NYC) and son of Ghana’s first President, Sekou Nkrumah, accusing him of lacking knowledge and foresight about youth development in the country.

He dispelled claims by Sekou Nkrumah that he was dismissed because he criticised the government, stressing that his inability to properly organise the office he once occupied, resulted in him being sacked.

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