Be circumspect with language on the airwaves

…Lord Pentecost Church tells politicians

By: Stephen Odoi0Larbi

The Lord Pentecost Church has celebrated its 49th Anniversary with a call on Ghanaians, notably, politicians, to be circumspect with their language on the airwaves.

“Our politics is characterised by insults and revenge, and sad to say, the most important issues to the ordinary men and women in the streets do not receive the attention they deserve. I want to add my voice to those of many peace-loving Ghanaians to say that let us respect one another, no matter our political differences,” noted the General Overseer, Apostle Richard Baafo, during the church’s recent 49th Anniversary celebration in Accra.

He also urged Ghanaians to be mindful of the deep-seated divisions along political party lines in the country, as well as ethic tensions and chieftaincy disputes.

Apostle Baafo however, cautioned Ghanaians to be more transparent in their dealings, in order to reduce corruption in the country, since the recent corruption survey released by Transparency International was a wake up call to strive for greater heights.

The corruption survey by Transparency International showed Ghana had improved on the corruption Perception Index, from 3.9% last year (2009) to 4.1% this year (2010).

This, according to Apostle Baafo, may seem good, but “we still have a long a way to go.”

The church’s 49 years existence, Apostle Baafo noted, was aimed at providing light for the spiritually blind, adding, “This is the church which propagates the only message that can change the moral behaviour and spiritual lives of people, and impact on a person’s eternal destiny.”

According to him, the church had over the years planted over ninety churches in Ghana, with five branches in Togo, one in Nigeria, and two in the United Kingdom, as well as the set up of the Christian Leadership Bible Training Institute to provide training for pastors and leaders in the church.

He added that the church, being aware of the effects of poverty, has throughout its existence, made donations to various needy institutions such as the Psychiatric Hospital, Weija and Ho Leprosyria, the Cardiothoraxic Centre of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Akropong School of the Blind, as well as a number of orphanages and schools in the country.

More committed to the welfare of Ghanaians, Apostle Baafo noted that the church had set up an educational fund for needy but brilliant students in the church, to assist them continue their education without any hindrance, and said, so far, the church had been able to raise GH¢8,616 into the coffers of the Educational Fund.

That notwithstanding, he added that the church would look at its achievements and challenges at 49, in order to help it develop a vision document for the next five years, bearing in mind the establishment of a Ministers Pension Scheme, and decentralisation of its administration to give some more authority to the Area Apostles.

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