Barney thrills children and adults

By: Jacquilline Afua Bondzi

Barney with children

Children and adults never miss the exciting television episodes of the most popular play and learn show known as Barney. It is the most important date no child could afford to miss on their favourite television channels.

The news spread like wildfire, when it was rumoured that Barney was coming to town with Baby Bop and B.J. It was almost unbelievable for Barney’s fans to think that they would be seeing their favourite television cartoon star, live on stage again.

This became a reality last Sunday (November 7, 2010), as the world’s favourite dinosaur mounted the stage of the Accra International Conference Centre to do what he does best. The two individual shows got the auditorium full to its capacity, which was set to receive Barney and friends.

Most of Barney’s fans had waited so long for his coming, but surprisingly enough, some of the children either cried or screamed, or rather hid their faces from looking at Barney. It was simply amazing and shocking for them to finally believe that they were in the same auditorium with Barney.

However, some of them built the confidence to look at Barney face-to-face, while he performed his popular acts, dances and songs. As some of the children sang and danced along with Barney B.J and Baby Bop, others looked on, clinging close to their parents and guardians, with surprise written on their faces.

Children from the Teshie Orphanage and the Osu Children’s Home were not left out of the fun and excitement, as they also had a fair share of it.

Spending Sunday afternoon with Barney was a dream come true for these children. They also had a couple of photo shootouts with Barney, Baby Bop and B.J. They could actually touch and feel Barney, which to them, was a very rare and special opportunity.

There were a variety of performances from selected schools in Accra, and after about two solid hours, Barney’s audience couldn’t ask for more. The fun and excitement of the day was so huge that some members of the audience had to stand on their feet throughout the period of this spectacular live show.

The Barney live show was sponsored by Blue Band Margarine, Sandra Ice Cream, Unimax Macmillan, Princess Gate Mineral Water, and was produced by Charterhouse.

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