Asante Akim South NPP on fire

From Issah Alhassan, Kumasi

Mr. Jake Obetsebi Lamptey, NPP National Chairman

SOME ANGRY supporters of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) have protested vehemently against what they describe as surreptitious moves by the party’s constituency executives to unseat the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP), Gifty Ohene Konadu.

The aggrieved party supporters claim they had uncovered secret moves by executives of the party to dethrone the incumbent MP in next year’s constituency primary, and replace her with the former Constituency Chairman, Mr. Asante Boateng, who resigned from the position a few months ago.

According to the supporters of the party, some of the constituency executives had been holding secret meetings with the former chairman, and had also been accompanying him on his campaign tours, in clear violation of the party’s rules and regulations.

They claim that the constituency executives had been going round with Mr. Boateng to meet polling station executives, even though it was against the rules and regulations of the party.

The supporters are also questioning the rationale behind Mr. Boateng’s decision to contest for the chairmanship position, when he knew that he would resign to pursue a parliamentary ambition.

Addressing a news conference to voice out their concerns, the spokesperson for the aggrieved party members, Nana Yaw Boateng, said the actions of the former chairman and constituency executives could have dire consequences on the party’s fortunes, if not properly handled by the top hierarchy of the party.

One of the secret meetings, held at Koyak Hotel, was captured on tape, a copy of which is in the possession of The Chronicle.
Meanwhile, the former constituency chairman has described the accusations as a propaganda move by his opponents to discredit him.

Mr. Boateng told The Chronicle that he was very much aware of the underground moves by his adversaries to thwart his efforts of becoming the next parliamentary candidate of the area.

According to him, the meeting, which the supporters claimed he attended with the executives, was not meant to champion his parliamentary ambition, but rather was a fund-raising dinner organised to raise funds for the party towards campaigning.

Mr. Boateng asserted that even though it was true that he had resigned from the chairmanship position, he had been funding and assisting the activities of the executives in the interest of the party.

He however, denied that he has been going round campaigning with the executives of the party.

“The mere fact that I have resigned, does not mean I cannot have anything to do with the party; it is a team work, and we need to maintain the cohesion within the party in the constituency,” he explained.

On the early resignation, Mr.Boateng said contesting for the chairmanship position was never part of his initial plan, but he was compelled to vie for the position after being approached by some elders of the party.

He explained that he decided to maintain the seat until early 2012 before resigning, but he could not do so, because of directives issued by the national executives to all potential aspirants to relinquish their positions, and also because the date for the primary had been shifted forward.

On his part, the Constituency Organiser of the party, Mr. Darkwah, also denied that the executives were accompanying the former chairman during his campaigns, contending that they were very much aware of the party’s constitution, and would not do anything to flout the rules and regulations.

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