Apprentice 21, jailed 7 years for defilement

By Helena Selby

Her Ladyship, Mrs. Justice Georgina T. Wood, The Chief Justice of Ghana

A 21-year-old apprentice, who had sexual intercourse with a thirteen year old Junior High School girl, has been sentenced to seven years in prison with hard labour by an Accra Circuit court.

Benjamin Lavoe was convicted on his own plea before the court presided over by Mrs. Georgina Mensah Datsa.

The prosecuting officer, ASP Sarah Acquah, narrating the facts of the case, said one day in September, 2010, the accused person, who lives in the same house with the victim, asked her to accompany him to a nearby school called “Help Your Child”.

She said, along the way, the accused person pleaded with the victim to allow him have sex with her for a fee, but the victim refused.

Two weeks later, the victim, who needed soap to bath, and asked accused person for one, and as a result, the accused person took advantage of the situation and defiled her.

According to ASP Acquah, the accused person told the victim to go into his room for the soap, however, when the victim entered the room, the accused person secretly followed her into the room and jumped on her.

ASP Acquah said the accused person struggled with the victim, over-powered her, and succeeded in having sexual intercourse with her.

After the act, Lavoe brought out a ring and a talisman and warned the victim to keep the ordeal a secret, or else she would die.

The prosecutor said out of fear, the victim failed to inform her father. Barely one month after her ordeal, she fell ill, and on November 3, 2010, the father took the victim to the La General Hospital for treatment where it came to light that she was pregnant.

The prosecutor further pointed out that the father, who was the complainant in this case, was then alerted by the hospital authorities, who advised him to report the matter to the police.

According to her, a medical report form was issued to the father, and the accused person was arrested and charged with the offence.

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