Agbogbloshie Market sellers still counting their losses

Naa Betty Mingle & Erica Kwapong

Some items burnt at the market

Traders at the new Makola Number Two Market, which is located at Agbogbloshie, are still counting their losses after the recent fire outbreak four days ago, even though President John Evans Atta Mills has promised government support for them.

The fire, which started around 7:00 p.m. on November 18, 2010, razed down shops containing almost 2,000 goods, including beads, bags, electric gadgets and jewellery.

Sources confirmed to the File that the fire resulted from a pressing iron which had not been switched off after a blackout in the market, and overheated when the lights came on, adding that the Fire Service was contacted immediately, but got there too late to put out the fire, meanwhile the fire re-ignited the next morning.

Lance Corporal Anumasi said the police was informed in the morning, but everything was burnt before their arrival.

In an interview with the Accra File, Deborah, a trader, said, “If the door of the shop had been opened, a lot of traders would have retrieved their goods to prevent damage,” noting, “I think this will be the beginning of a real experience of hardship, because I have children in the tertiary and second cycle institutions.”

Traders, who are still grieving due to their losses, are still looking through the ashes to retrieve petty items like earrings and beads, which are buried in the ashes.

During an interview with the Accra File, the traders affirmed that they had lost millions of cedis, and there was nowhere to acquire such money, noting that some were even loans borrowed from the banks.

One trader also claimed to have GH¢5,000 in her shop before the fire.

Meanwhile, the damage has also given a chance for the destitute in society to gain items like copper wires and other items, which they claim can be sold to earn some money.

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