Adankwaman Senior High School faces imminent collapse as fraudsters besiege the area

From Naabenyin Joojo Amissah
Prof Jane Naana Opoku AgyemangThe survival of Adankwaman Senior High School in the Assin South District is currently hanging in the balance, as fraudsters have besieged the town, luring the students into scamming.
The fraudsters, who are between the ages of 15 and 29, are said to have developed a high sense antics and tactics they use to dupe unsuspecting people.

The Chronicle gathered that the fraudsters, who are mainly male, use all kinds of modus operandi such as sophisticated phones to change their voices, links to get contacts of wealthy persons, as well as means to use foreign numbers while they are still in Ghana.

The paper gathered that once the fraudsters get the contact details of an unsuspecting victim, they try to establish contact immediately, under the pretext of either giving the suspect a lucrative job or doing profitable business with.

Innocent persons, who want to sell valuable items such as cars and buildings, and, therefore, display their contacts, are always the target of these fraudsters.  One woman, who wanted to sell her taxi cab, said she was duped by the fraudsters and lost about GH¢5,000 in the process.

“I got a call from someone who told me he had wanted to buy my car. Later, he said it was his sister in UK who wanted to buy the car for him, and that he had given my number to the sister to call me,” she recounted.

She added; “Within a short time, I got a call from a woman who claimed she was in UK and wanted to buy my car. After a long chat, she said she was going to send me some items through a courier in Accra.”

According to the woman, a man called her two days later, claiming some items had been sent to her from the UK, and, therefore, needed to pay some money for its delivery.

She continued that the courier asked her to pay close to GH¢10,000, because the items sent to her contained a lot of money and other valuable items.

In her quest to take delivery of those items, the woman said she sold her car and sent all the money to the courier through MTN Mobile Money, only to discover later that it was a scam.

In an interview with The Chronicle, the Omanhen of the Assin Atendensu Traditional Area and acting President of the traditional council, Oseadeeyo Kwantwi Barimah, corroborated the issue. He confirmed that one of his sub-chiefs had fallen victim to the fraudsters, who duped him (sub chief) of money he had toiled for.

He recounted that the fraudsters tried him personally with their tricks, but refused to pay the money they requested, and told them to meet him in person, but they disappeared and stopped communicating with him.

It has been revealed that most of these young men, who are into the scamming and fraud business in the town, have affluent lifestyles which are highly admired by the youth, including those in the high school.

Oseadeeyo Nana Barimah stated that the affluent lifestyles of the fraudsters in the town was adversely affecting and influencing many students of the Dankwaman High School to leave school and engage in the unacceptable practice.

According to Nana Barimah, he had called on the District Police Commander to, as a matter of urgency, institute measures to help curb the spread of the menace in the area.

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