Ablekuma commuters worried over bad nature of road

By: Naa Betty Mingle& Erica Kwapong

Commuters of the Awoshie-Ablekuma road have expressed serious concerns relating to the bad nature of the road, which they claim is posing a threat to their lives.

The passengers revealed to the Accra File that because of the bad state of the road, most of the vehicles they have to board are in bad shape, with some even breaking down midway through their journeys.

The Accra File noticed that commercial vehicles plying the route were very few, resulting in passengers queuing for long periods of time, before getting vehicles to their destinations, especially during the evening rush hours.

When interviewed, some affirmed that most drivers are not willing to ply the road because of its bad state. Naa Adorkor, a passenger, even declared, “I will never allow my employee to work on this road, if I own a car.”

Meanwhile, passengers also said that the road was recently leveled, but deteriorated with the recent rains. Ataa Otoo, a commuter of that route, said, “The rains have even worsened the problem of this road,” adding, “I will like to plead with the government to try its best to tar the road next time it is leveled, to prevent more damage.”

Other passengers also affirmed that the vehicles should be well checked before being allowed to operate, noting that their lives were very important.

Auntie Aba, also a passenger, said, “About three weeks ago, we were in a vehicle, and all of a sudden smoke started coming out of the car; this is no joke at all, imagine if the car had started burning, what would we have done?” she queried.

She further stated that they were later asked to board another vehicle.

Another passenger, who gave his name as C.K., said, “It is very terrible, especially, when the vehicle quits functioning half way on the road in the middle of the night around 10:30 p.m. It will be very exhausting boarding another vehicle, because of the environment, especially, for women.”

The Accra File is therefore pleading with the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) branch responsible for Ablekuma vehicles to make sure the vehicles are in good shape before plying the road, and the government to try its best to repair the road.

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