A word to the wise…

On a visit to Navrongo over the week-end, former Vice-President Aliu Mahama prescribed a code of conduct for politicians in office. He asked politicians not to let the power of office intoxicate them into misbehaving towards the people.

“Some years ago, it was my turn, today it is your turn to get to higher places in Ghana. Please, those you meet on your way up will be the same people you meet on your way down. Life is a lesson and we need to learn from it, while we have the time today,” he said at a gathering at the Navro Pio’s Palace.

We need no ghost to interpret this wise saying from a man who was humility personified while he was the second-in-command of the state machinery in this nation for eight years.

Politics in this country is threatening to become a winner takes all situation, in which losers are invariably ignored in the scheme of things. When the President of the Republic went public to direct his Ministers, District Chief Executives and other government functionaries to take care of party (National Democratic Congress) footsoldiers, the picture of a one-party development agenda was complete.

Flowing out of this, the large mass of Ghanaians, with no link to Government House, do not appear to have been factored into the scheme of things. Naturally, this has made some state and ruling party officials behave as if there is no tomorrow.
At the Atiwa bye-elections, not too long ago, the Women’s Organiser of the ruling party drove her four wheel-drive vehicle through a cordon of human beings at a barrier, and maimed a number of people. There were no reports of Anita De Sossoo ever visiting the injured in hospital. The police have since not been able to indict her for court.

The ramifications of that incident had hardly died down when Dr. Kwabena Adjei, Chairman of the NDC, went bananas over the Chief Justice. Obviously frustrated by a series of court losses by the ruling party, Dr. Kwabena Adjei, brimming with fire and brimstone, publicly threatened the Chief Justice, Her Ladyship Justice Georgina Wood.

“There are several ways of killing a cat,” he fumed. Up till now, there is no official sanction from the Government or the political party. The police initially feigned interest in the case. But when the party boss failed to avail himself at the Police Headquarters for questioning, the men and women in the black uniform quietly let the issue die.

We are getting to the stage when there is one law for adherents of the ruling party, and another for the rest of the population. We do not believe the lack of humility on the part of politicians is exclusive to the ruling administration. Most political analysts believe the New Patriotic Party lost power because a number of the party’s officials were perceived as arrogant.

When seventeen ministers of state and top party officials of the elephant family lined up to contest the party’s primaries ahead of the 2008 presidential elections, the action was sold to the general public as the act of people who had failed to touch base with the people of this country.

The admonition from the former Vice-President should find favour within the two leading political parties in Ghana, in their own interest.

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