No Compromise On Rule Of Law -Nana

By Maxwell Ofori

h-e-president-addo-dankwah-akuffo-addo-delivering-his-address-pix-by-eric-owireduPresident Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has indicated that the rule of law will be the underlining tenet of his governance, and be applicable to all, including those who would be caught in the corruption web.

According to him, he sees exciting times ahead, as there would not be any discrimination in the application of the law.

“This is my solemn pledge. I see exciting times ahead. The rule of law will be the underlying tenet of our lives, and the law will be applicable to all of us, and not just some,” he said

Delivering his inaugural address at his swearing in ceremony last Saturday at the Black Star Square, Nana Addo reiterated that he was going to protect the public purse, while advising those who will work in his administration, with the motive of making money, to consider the private sector.

He also assured the citizenry, who have entrusted him with the mandate, that he would advance his convictions with civility. Again, Nana promised to serve the public interest with courage, speak for greater justice, as well as compassion, and also would call for responsibility and would live it, as well.

“We will have to work hard; harder than we have ever done before; and the hard work will be done by all of us, and not just some. There will be discipline in all sectors of our lives; and this applies to all of us, not just some.

Our public service will be accorded the dignity and respect it deserves, and be made to attract the bright young people it needs.”

The atmosphere at the venue for the swearing in, the Black Star Square, was charged with excitement and happiness. Readings from the demeanor of the handful Ghanaians who occupied the square for the event, revealed a dream come true for the Ghanaian people, as far as the change is concerned.

Most of the people could not even wait for the security personnel on guard to tell them to get close to the center to hear their dream President speak. The people themselves moved from the public stands, and started running to the center, where the event was taking place, just to hear the voice of Nana Addo.

That notwithstanding, President Nana Akufo-Addo continued that the change Ghanaians had voted for, had to start with each individual. He urged Ghanaians to be responsible citizens, citing that it was time to define what being a Ghanaian ought to mean.

“Being a Ghanaian must mean you sign up to a definable code of conduct,” he explained

Nana Addo further quoted Kofi Abrefa Busia, Prime Minister of the Progress Party government of the 2nd Republic, and one of the great Ghanaians, who said: “We regard politics as an avenue of service to our fellow men. We hold that political power is to be exercised to make life nobler and happier.

Our success or failure should be judged by the quality of the individual, by his knowledge, his skills, his behaviour as a member of society, the standard of living he is able to enjoy, and by the degree of harmony and brotherliness in our community life as a nation.”

However, Nana Akufo-Addo noted that Ghana should move on to deepen its democracy. He added that it was time to make sure that the country had a true separation of powers between the various arms of government.

He stressed: “Our Parliament, the legislative arm of government, must grow into its proper role as an effective machinery for accountability and oversight of the Executive, and not be its junior partner.

“The Ghanaian Parliament; the Ghanaian Member of Parliament, must stand out as institutions that represent all that we hold dear, and citizens can take pride in.

Our judiciary must inspire confidence in the citizens, so we can all see the courts as the ultimate arbitres when disputes arise, as they would. A Ghanaian judge must be a reassuring presence and the epitome of fairness.”

Meanwhile, the Guest Speaker, President of Côte d’lvoire Alassane Ouattara, beseeched Nana Addo not to disappoint the ordinary Ghanaian, who queued to vote for him to be the President of the country.

Speaking on behalf of the ECOWAS, the President of the Republic of Liberia, Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, congratulated Nana Addo and told former President John Dramani Mahama not to waste his ideas, because ECOWAS would work with him.

Showing appreciation to the former presidents of the country and heads of states who made it to the ceremony, Nana Akufo-Addo thanked God for the peace of the country.

“I thank the Almighty that I am able to say with pride, I am a Ghanaian. A new dawn has arisen in Ghana, which will enable us to build a new Ghanaian civilisation which will be the beacon of Africa and the wonder of the world. I thank you all, my fellow citizens, for making me the President of this beautiful country,” he concluded.

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