Hawkers take over pavements in Takoradi


Traders and hawkers have virtually taking over pavements in Takoradi, especially, Market Circle, making it very uncomfortable for pedestrians.

The traders and hawkers, who hitherto were not allowed to engage in their trading activities on the pavements, have this time defied the order, and are openly doing in business.

The Sekondi Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly (STMA), last two years, embarked on an exercise to rid the Takoradi Market Circle off illicit hawkers and traders operating on the streets and pavements.hawkers-and-traders-take-over-pavement

The exercise, which saw the Metropolitan City Guards arrest and prosecute hawkers and traders who defied the order, brought sanity to the place allowing the free flow of both human and vehicular movement.

However, the STMA, either by grand design or whatever, has suspended the exercise three months ago.

This has led to the return of the hawkers and traders who are now defiantly selling on the pavements and on streets.

Surprisingly, the City Guards who should be stopping the hawkers are nowhere to be found, confirming a report that the STMA deliberately withdrew them because of the electioneering period.

Checks by The Western File indicate that spaces allotted for car parks have also been taken over by the hawkers and traders.

This has led to total congestion at the Market Circle, considering how pedestrians have to struggle with the hawkers for space.

Another interesting episode is how filth has taken over the metropolis.

Mountains of filth are sited in the heart of the city where traders do business is another sight that is an apology of a metropolis which prides itself with the accolade ‘The Best comes from the West’.

For now, the filth continues to live with the traders with no indication of it being cart away.

Pix: Hawkers openly selling on the pavementshawkers-traders-and-pedestrians-struggle-for-space-on-the-pavements

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