5,215 Benefit From WFP

1The Country Director of the World Food Programme, Ms Mutinta Chimuka, has disclosed that over 5,000 households have benefited from the completion of work on small dams construction under the World Food Programme’s asset creation project.

She said the completed projects are in the Brong Ahafo, Northern and Upper West regions, out of five regions, where the asset creation programme was taking place. In the Upper West Region, 2,005 people in the Sissala East district have received GH¢1 million in August this year for completing work on four dams in Nabugubelle, Taffiase, Kassanpouri and Jijen communities.

Ms Chimuka said work had already been completed in Bugubelle and Challu, where 1,140 people rehabilitated two small dams.  She also stated that the poorest and most food-insecure people live in highly degraded and shock-prone environments, and that those communities need certain critical assets to improve access to food and build long term resilience, by strengthening their ability to withstand and quickly recover from shocks.

Ms Chimuka pointed out that the programme is to help address the root cause of food insecurity and vulnerability, and was critical to ensuring that people have access to adequate food all year round.

23She said cash stimulates local economies, as its benefits spread beyond the person receiving payment to the wider community, and cash payment would enable people to save which would serve as credit for small scale investments, and also allow people to eat a variety of meals, including nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Ms Chimuka further stated that the Department of Agriculture, district assemblies, and some partnering non-governmental organisations also ensured the projects are properly maintained, and not left to deteriorate. The WFP builds the capacity of its partners by providing them with technical training, which equips them with knowledge for maintenance.

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