4ever Young

…premieres at National Theatre

By: Jacquilline Bondzi

4ever young

Silver Line Films will this Friday premiere its latest installment “4ever Young” at the National theatre. With over 20 movies to its credit, which include, “Indecent Favour”, “After the Promise”, “Rebels Heart”, “Love is Wicked” and “Queens Pride” just to mention a few, “4ever Young” is outstanding.

Yes, indeed, if you’re expecting a fun ride with loads of gags, coupled with romance and drama, you are in for the best ride ever, because, events in the past few months have proven that Silver Line Production is a force to reckon with, and will definitely bring to your doorsteps, nothing, but the best in Ghana’s English home video, as it outdoors its latest blockbuster movie “4ever Young.”

The much-anticipated movie is here at long last, and movies lovers will certainly have a lot to talk and cheer about.

4ever Young tells a story of the unbreakable bond and expression of love between a mother (Ellen, played by Kalsum Sinare) and her daughter (Latisha, Jackie Appiah), who were renowned, elite, and wealthy.

Ellen’s strong influence in society, made her very powerful, but her daughter’s attitude and character were quite an insidious and mysterious.
Their livelihoods were a hidden secret, and several media houses persistently wanted answers to their secrets. To solicit an exclusive interview of the family, only ends up in absolute futility.
Where all others had failed, Spark (John Dumelo) is tasked by his media outfit to defy the odds, and infiltrate this fortress for an exclusive interview.

His initial undercover efforts started yielding results, until the evitable happened. Find out the great controversy between a woman of power, wealth, and the media, and how far one goes to bring back his/her past. These, and many other questions, will be answered as the story of ‘4ever Young’ unfolds.

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