New Onion Processing Factory For U/E

… It will employ ten thousand workers

From Richard Owusu-Akyaw, Kumasi

onion-plantsThousands of people in the Upper East region would soon be employed, following the siting of an onion processing factory in the area.

The Chronicle has gathered that a 52 and 180 acres of land have been acquired to put up a factory and onion farm respectively that will employ ten thousand Ghanaians up north. These onions, upon processing, would be canned.

A source told this reporter that a team from China will come down early February to start the construction of the structures and installation of machines.

Confirming the news to this paper, Mr. Alex Avoka, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Northern Industrial Onion processing company, who doubles as the Upper East regional campaign manager of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), explained that the program was being executed under the auspices of the government in connection with the one district one factory promise.

According to him, 72% of the youth are unemployed and the onion factory can help reduce the unemployment rate in the area, adding that it will also cut the unbridled migration of youth to the south in search of non-existing jobs.

He emphasised that the “one district one factory” policy is real and that the NPP through private partners will establish these factories to create employment for Ghanaians. “We believe in Nana and we believe he can do and do more that is why some of us have started working”

onionsMr. Avoka Alex, who is the founder of Northerners Operation win for Nana Akufo Addo (NOWFA) was of the view that His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s policies are quite good and “ it is going to favour those of us in the northern part of Ghana.”

Digging deeper into the evolution of this industrial idea, CEO Avoka explained: “ I realised there is no onion processing factory up north and Africa as a whole so since 2009, I embarked on a research on onion processing in the northern region.”

He continued that the northern part is  an enclave where onions are grown so “I decided to make a research about it and later informed one of my  Chinese partners. Some of us are going to establish it for Ghanaians to know that what the president said is going to work hundred percent and not a fallacy.”

Asked about how many onions they intend to produce a day, Mr. Avoka,    explained that they intend to produce nine tons of onion every day, but if the demand increases, “we will increase the supply to 18 tons a day.”

“In our quest to deal with farmers , we will weigh the onion and pay per the weight of the produce. Commenting on employment for the youth , he expressed that unlike John Dramani Mahama’s administration, where Ghanaian youth suffered , the NPP through the private sector, will create employment for the youth. He disclosed  that the Chinese  are going to use Ghanaian resources to produce them.

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